Chartered in 1922
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Southport Rotary Club
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Southport Rotary Club - who we are and what we do...


Everybody's heard of Rotary, haven't they?

Well many people have, certainly.

And everybody knows what Rotary is about, don't they?

Ah, mmm, isn't it one of those secret societies?


Not even close!

Each Rotary Club is made up of like-minded people who all believe

in the Rotary motto "Service Above Self." There are now 1.2 million of us, in more than thirty thousand Clubs in more than 160 countries around the world. Our aim is to help those millions, around the world and here at home, who have missed out on life's better things. And Rotarians have been doing this since 1905. 2005 was the hundredth anniversary of the first ever Rotary Club, founded by Paul Harris, in Chicago.

In 2005, Rotary International celebrated 100 years of service to communities around the world

Rotarians respond to disasters, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 generated an enormous response. In the six weeks following the disaster, Rotarians and Rotary-sponsored events in the UK and Ireland raised more than £6.5 million which bought thousands of Shelterboxes and Aquaboxes, providing emergency shelter and clean water for tens of thousands in the worst affected areas. Read more about ShelterBoxes in ‘Our Works’

Southport Rotary Club

Membership & History


Paul Harris’s bright idea soon spread; firstly across the United States, and then across the Atlantic Ocean - the first Rotary Club in our region was started in Liverpool back in 1913, followed by second place Chester and third place Southport, both chartered in 1922, while our newest Club is Southport Sunrise, chartered in April 2012, the 73rd Club in our District


So, for more than 90 years, Southport Rotarians have been working to benefit the community, sometimes by raising funds, and sometimes by going out and doing things! In 1983, we were joined by colleagues in a new Rotary Club of Southport Meols, and by Southport Links in 1989, and the lineup was completed with the Chartering of Southport Sunrise Rotary Club in April 2012


Southport Rotary Club currently has more than sixty members drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. This breadth of experience means that, whatever the problem, we can usually call on the knowledge and expertise of one or more Rotarians who have "been there, done that." But our Club has not thrived for ninety years without taking in new ideas and new people.


If you feel that you can help in our work, please get in touch. It may be the start of something great! If you would like more information, please look at Joining Rotary.

Joining Rotary

Our Works

See A Little Of What We Do


To see more about what we do, why not visit ‘Our Works’ a section of the website which looks in more detail at some of our regular charitable activities. Click here to go there.

Our Works