Chartered in 1922
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Southport Rotary Club’s Address Book!


We all have names and addresses which are important to us, and most of us don’t have photographic memories; which is fortunate for the makers of Address Books! So, here, in an electronic form, is our Address Book. It is a collection of Contacts and Links which we hope you will enjoy, or at least find useful!

Rotary District 1180 is part of Rotary International in the British Isles.  Our National colleagues also have a dedicated website which gives the latest information about Rotary throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. A visit to is well worthwhile!

Rotary International in the British Isles is part of Rotary International, and for guessing this last bit, there are "nul points!" Our International colleagues have wizards who do nothing other than create web info, and you will find this at

We have our own home site on the Rotary UK and Ireland National website. Here you can find information about our meetings, forthcoming speakers, and all sorts of other stuff. We can take you there, free of charge, if you click here! But, please, come back..

The Rotary Club of Southport is part of Rotary District 1180 comprising Merseyside, Cheshire, the Borders and North and Mid Wales. Our District has a dedicated section of the National website, which gives the latest information about Rotary throughout our area.

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