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Southport Rotary Club

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Dragon Boat Racing is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports. Originating in China, Dragon Boats have paddled their way around the world, and events are held at every level in many different countries. So, with a background like that, how could Southport be left out?

The Early Years


So, in 2006, Southport Rotary Club decided that Dragon Boat Racing should join the Annual Charity Walk as a principal event in our fundraising year. Like the Charity Walk, the sponsorship money raised by the racing teams goes directly to their own choice of Charity or Good Cause. The cost of putting on the races comes from the entry fees paid by each team. And any surplus, together with anything we make on the day, goes directly to our own Rotary charitable activities.


The Races ran according to plan in 2006 and 2007, but we had a little local difficulty with the weather in 2008! The first attempt to run the event had to be called off after only a few heats had been held, and we came back for a second go a couple of months later.

What Of The Future?


The Dragon Boat Races are enormous fun, and raise a considerable amount of money for various charities and good causes, but they do cost a lot of money to organise. In normal circumstances, and with the usual number of teams taking part, there is no problem; but with the financial picture still uncertain so, too, is the future of the Races. We will be continually reviewing developments, and as soon as any decision is made, either yea or nay, it will appear here. So, please check back regularly and stay in touch.



The 2009 Dragon Boat Races had to be called off altogether, because the economic climate has meant that many businesses have had to cut back on their non-core spending. We were unable to sign up enough teams with a guaranteed entry to make the event viable, and so with very great regret we decided that we could not go ahead.

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