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Haiti Earthquake

The three Southport Rotary Clubs Respond


The earthquake in Haiti underlines in the most graphic fashion possible just how precarious is the hold that life has on the earth, and how easily we can go from an ordered society to a state of total chaos. Haiti is doubly unfortunate in that, as well as the earthquake, it suffers from being one of the world’s poorest countries, with an infrastructure to match. Outside help is therefore even more urgent than usual.


The three local Rotary Clubs: Southport, Southport Links, and Southport Meols, were given the opportunity by the local branch of Tesco’s Supermarket to hold a bucket collection for Haiti, during the weekend of 16th and 17th January. The response to this has been tremendous, with almost £5,500 being collected.


This money will go directly to the purchase of ShelterBoxes. Each ShelterBox provides emergency facilities for up to ten people, and the funds raised so far (19th January) will buy 11 ShelterBoxes. In addition, two more boxes have been donated by individuals.

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Southport Rotary President Peter Downham, and Rotarians Peter Selley and David Brayshaw, collecting funds for Haiti in Tesco’s Supermarket, 17th January

Rtn Peter Selley, ShelterBox Co-ordinator for Southport Rotary Club, brought a real-life ShelterBox along to Tesco’s for the collection, for members of the public to see exactly what it is that is being sent.

In total, more than ten thousand ShelterBoxes were sent to Haiti, providing temporary shelter for up to a hundred thousand homeless people. Although this is only a partial solution to the huge disaster which has afflicted Haiti, the ShelterBoxes do mean a degree of hope and independence for many people, and a place from which they can start to rebuild their lives.

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