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Special Days Out For Some Special Young People


For most of us, a day out at the theme park, or the funfair, is just one of those childhood memories we take for granted. We might have gone with parents (or grandparents!) family or school but, excitement apart, that was it.


Some of our youngsters have rather more complicated needs, and arranging fun days out for them is not quite so straightforward. Throughout the country, Rotary Clubs help to meet the need by organising days out at local attractions, and Southport Rotary is no exception.

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The Beginnings of KidsOut

Liverpool Motorists’ Day Out


The foundations of KidsOut were firmly laid when, in the early 1960's, Littlewoods’ founder Sir John Moores began ‘The Liverpool Motorists' Day Out.’ This was a local event where a group of service-minded car owners took disabled and disadvantaged children out for a special and memorable day. This was often a trip to the seaside, to a local park or zoo.


Then, in 1990, Sir John's eldest daughter, Lady Grantchester, saw an opportunity to build on her father's legacy. With the help of her local Rotary Club, two dedicated Rotarians, and a financial donation from Littlewoods, a day for 200 disadvantaged children took place at Thorpe Park near Chertsey in Surrey. Such was its success that other Rotary Clubs throughout the UK wanted to do the same, and soon the day - aptly titled KidsOut - became the largest single day out for special needs children in the UK.


In 1999, in order to secure funding for the KidsOut day out and to raise funds for other children's activities, a national registered charity was formed.



The Rotary KidsOut National Day Out

Days Out Around The Country


The KidsOut Charity has gone on to do more and more for the children with special needs who are its principal concern. But each year, Rotary Clubs around the country join together to recreate the original ideal with the Rotary KidsOut National Day Out.


This is the largest single day out for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.


Over 28,000 children from all over the country take part – thanks to over 750 Rotary Clubs throughout Great Britain and Ireland who work with local schools and special groups to make this happen!

Organising days out is a major challenge


The day, traditionally the middle Wednesday in June, involves over 100 venues and more than 1,700 volunteers who ensure the day is as special as it is memorable. The first Rotary KidsOut National day out was in 1991. Since then, more than 350,000 children have benefited from a KidsOut fun day out!

The Southport Rotary KidsOut Day Out

Days Out Around Southport


Each year, a team of Southport Rotarians arrange a day out for children from Peterhouse and Presfield special schools. A coach is chartered, arrives at the schools to collect the children, and takes them to whichever venue has been chosen.


Traditionally, the coach leaves to a tremendous send-off - and it is not unknown for the Mayor to be on hand to wave! The youngsters have a fantastic time, and try pretty well everything that their varying abilities will allow. It is often the case that the accompanying Rotarians come back much more exhausted than the kids.


Everyone who goes on a KidsOut day comes back amazed at what a great time was had by everyone. Truly a worthwhile tradition to keep up!

If you would like to visit the KidsOut website, click here and we will take you straight there!