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There is nothing more private than the private affairs of individuals, and we wouldn’t dream of breaching any confidences, so you will understand if some of the reports about what we do are a bit short on detail. The one thing that comes first, however, is that what we do has to benefit those who for whatever reason have missed out on the health, home or security which most of us take for granted. Our works can be found in and around Southport, and in and around the world!


So, on this first page, we will give you just a flavour of some of what we do, before sending you off on a voyage of discovery. And if, at any time, you feel that you might be able to help, we are only an email away. Click on the scrolls, dotted around the website, tell us a bit about yourself, and we will get back to you!

Christmas Parcels

A Reminder that Local People Care


It’s very easy to think that because we live in a Welfare State everyone is taken care of, that poverty and hunger are things of the past. Fortunately, this is, to a large extent, true. But not entirely so. There are always those whose family circumstances, health and social problems, or homelessness, mean that, either temporarily or long-term,  they fall through the holes in the social security net.


Each year, in conjunction with the Southport Visiter, and the Southport Lions Club, we collect and distribute food parcels, vouchers for various kinds of supplies, and toys and other Christmas presents for children. These go to people who might otherwise feel forgotten at a very difficult and expensive time of the year.


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Shelter Boxes

How Would You Manage If Your House Was Destroyed?


Tsunamis, bush fires, earthquakes; sometimes it seems that there is no end to natural disasters. In fact, these things happen all the time but, today, modern communications mean that the devastation is brought before us while we sit at home and eat our evening meal.


Sitting at home with an evening meal is only a fading memory for thousands, sometimes millions, around the world. The rebuilding of infrastructure and housing is, at best, a medium term objective. What is often the highest priority is somewhere to stay tonight, and tomorrow night.


ShelterBoxes are prepacked boxes with shelter and enough emergency equipment to sustain a family group in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. As a Club, we buy ShelterBoxes whenever we can. They are held in convenient stores and sent out immediately when a disaster strikes.


Click on the picture to learn more and read the news feed direct from ShelterBox HQ.

Christmas Parcels


Special Days Out For Some Special Young People


For most of us, a day out at the theme park, or the funfair, is just one of those childhood memories we take for granted. We might have gone with parents (or grandparents!) family or school but, excitement apart, that was it.


Some of our youngsters have rather more complicated needs, and arranging fun days out for them is not quite so straightforward. Throughout the country, Rotary Clubs help to meet the need by organising days out at local attractions, and Southport Rotary is no exception.


KidsOut started as the Liverpool Motorists’ Day Out, an idea proposed by Sir John Moores in the 1960s, and hasn’t looked in the rear view mirror since!


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Polio Plus

Rotary’s Project To Rid The World Of Poliomyelitis


Over the years, Polio has been one of the most tragic diseases to afflict the human race. No respecter of national boundaries, it has affected remote peoples in far places, and children in Birmingham and Manchester.


Some years ago, Rotary International, in conjunction with other international bodies, set itself the target of making the world polio-free. And we are nearly, but not quite, there.


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Polio Plus